Man Paying 6.15 Bitcoin To Find Love

LONDON – After years of looking, a London bitcoiner (@BritishHodl) has decided to take an unorthodox approach; offering a woman Bitcoin in exchange for love. The offer does come with stipulations: The woman must be young and attractive, she must be in shape, she must know her place in the home: the kitchen, and she must only speak when spoken to. The original compensation for a woman meeting those conditions began at 3 Bitcoin (~$140,000 USD). One potential suitor told reporters, “That amount of money would be life changing for me, but I really need to be with someone I’m attracted to. Being fat is one thing, but bald too?” After numerous rejections the offer has been raised, more than doubling to 6.15 Bitcoin (~$285,000 USD). When asked if the criteria could be affecting the amount of interested women @BritishHodl told reporters, “I was promised eternal riches and big titty bitches, but I haven’t been able to find any woman that’s interested,” he continued, “When I take a woman on a date, I take her to beautiful places, pull out her seat, buy dinner, pay without question, make her laugh uncontrollably, introduce her to a life she will never know, leave my phone away to gift her my attention.” With no interest despite the uptick in Bitcoin being offered, @BritishHodl told reporters that he isn’t opposed to a future increase for a chance at love.