American Jobs Plan Includes Funding For Bitcoin Infrastructure, Matter Of National Security

WASHINGTON – The White House announced today that in attempt to bolster national security the American Jobs Plan will include Bitcoin infrastructure. The funding for the project will come from the $100 billion proposed for updates to the U.S. power grid, as well as the $100 billion proposed for the renewed electric grid and broadband internet services. China’s recent Bitcoin ban prompted President Joe Biden’s to include the cryptocurrency in his proposal. “My concern from the beginning and I’ve spoke about it with Xi (Jinping) more times than anybody had up at the time that I’m aware of is to make it real clear to China: There are international rules that if you want to play by, we’ll play with you. If you don’t, we’re not going to play,” said Biden. The move surprised some as the White House reversed course from statements made last week that the popular cryptocurrency could be used for tax evasion. Last July, prior to being elected, President Biden’s twitter was among nearly a dozen that were infamously hacked in scam promising participants to double their Bitcoin holdings. After regaining control of his account he tweeted, “I don’t have Bitcoin, and I’ll never ask you to send me any.” When asked about his change in position the President responded, “I still don’t have any (Bitcoin). C’mon man… But the United States will have Bitcoin and we will continue to out-compete China.”