U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren Retracts Negative Statements About Bitcoin, Calls Popular Crypto “Freedom Money”

WASHINGTON – Following pushback regarding her statements regarding the “growing threats” in the crypto market, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren stated that the most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin, should be actually be referred to as “Freedom Money.” Warren is a well-known critic of the largest banks in the United States, and recently included the crypto market in that criticism. When Warren was asked to clarify which cryptocurrencies she was referring to Warren stated, “Bitcoin is the only exception to the rule. With the recent actions taken by the Federal Reserve, Bitcoin should really be called “Freedom Money.” Warren continued, “The actions taken by the Fed affect the hardest working, lowest income Americans disproportionately. The United States needs to be held accountable for excessive money printing following the coronavirus pandemic. As a Native American I believe it is the only opportunity for us to hone the Earth’s energy for good.” Warren further clarified that so-called DeFi (decentralized finance) cryptocurrencies were going to be faced with strict regulation for a lack of transparency and coordinated scams targeting new traders. Senator Warren stated that she had been in conversations with members of President Joe Biden’s cabinet regarding Bitcoin and that upcoming meetings would address the adoption of the currency going forward.