Max Keiser To Launch “Fuck Elon” Cryptocurrency, $FELON

AUSTIN, TX – Following the devilish roars of “Fuck Elon!” from the stages of the Bitcoin Conference 2021 in Miami, FL. and the Fuck Elon Tour in Austin, TX., Max Keiser is now creating his own “Fuck Elon” cryptocurrency. “This isn’t my first shitcoin project. I pumped and dumped Maxcoin in 2014 and 2017. Same with Quark and StartCOIN,” said Keiser. “After I saw how many people I could scam into watching me scream into a microphone and dry hump a barstool I figured the next step was another scam.” Following the conference in Miami, Keiser told Rolling Stone Magazine that Elon Musk was meaningless in terms of Bitcoin, however a Fuck Elon coin could prove to be a lucrative project. “The Fuck Elon Coin is the only Quantum Computing resistant crypto worth buying,” Keiser tweeted. Adding that, “Fuck Elon, $FELON, like Christ, is risen.” When asked about the name and clever ticker $FELON, Keiser added that it’s only fitting for someone who could get away with scam like this.