“Fuck U Greg” Most Popular Tweet in 2020-21

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Twitter released its annual results for most popular tweets this week with the top-slot being held by “Fuck U Greg”. A trend that began for no apparent reason and with no apparent creativity or humor to back it, left Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in shock. “You would think that with so many people using our service that something of value would be our most popular tweet but… well I guess fuck Greg is right,” said Dorsey. When asked if the results came as a surprise, Dorsey admitted that there could be something affecting the results. “With all of the restrictions, like shadow banning, deleting tweets, suspending users, and the attempt to limit the spread of misinformation it is possible that this could have slipped through the cracks. I can’t think of another reason for such a lame-ass tweet to be so popular.”