Anti Simp Association Sued For Decrease In Selfie Engagement

TWITTER – The 15 women on Bitcoin Twitter have banded together to file a class-action lawsuit against the Anti Simp Association or A.S.A. The women claimed that recent attacks against men who commonly liked and commented on their photos had left many of their posts unnoticed. “I used to be able to post a photo of myself with like my cleavage out and a pouty face and I would get two or three hundred likes,” said one of the women, “but now I can’t even use #Bitcoin to buy a like!” The lawsuit states that because of the A.S.A.’s actions against simps in the Bitcoin Twitter space, sponsors are moving on from these women and looking for more prominent figures in the space. “We have found that turning to more prominent figures like so-called Simpfluencers is more fiscally responsible. They have been preying on newbies in the space for years and there’s no sexuality required in most cases,” said BlockFi CEO Zac Prince. “Ignoring things like self-sovereignty and custody is important for our business model. The more ignorant we can make our sponsors, hopefully the more ignorant customers we can find.” The Anti Simp Association declined to comment, sighting that doing so would be considered a “bitch trait.” The lawsuit has been filed in federal court and awaits trial.